How to Plan an Historic Savannah, GA Elopement

How to Plan an Historic Savannah, GA Elopement

It couldn’t be easier or more fun to plan a Savannah elopement.   Here are six steps we recommend for booking a Savannah Elopement Package with Historic Inns / Bed & Breakfasts of Savannah.

1.  Select an Inn

You’ve already chosen Savannah, so you’re on the right track for a beautiful day.  Now it’s time to drill down and select an inn or hotel and a ceremony location.  Here’s a link to get started with the different packages and options offered by The Gastonian, The Kehoe House and The Marshall House.  Each inn has a favorite ceremony location on-site.  The Gastonian’s fountain and private garden is one of the best known Savannah elopement locations. The Kehoe House’s beautiful side porch and The Marshall House’s front balcony are also popular choices.  (Hint:  The Gastonian, with its honeymoon suite, fountain and private garden, is our most popular location!)

Savannah Elopement Package at The Gastonian
An Elopement at The Gastonian – photo by Lone Pine Photography

2.  Pick a Date

Because Savannah has such beautiful Spring weather and positively stunning flowers, we do highly recommend March-May as the best time to get married in Savannah.  (Our second favorite time is October, when the weather cools off some.)   But we do suggest some advance planning if you wish to get married on a Spring weekend as it is a very popular time.  If you’re super cost-conscious, inquire about weekday dates as Sunday-Thursday rates are sometimes less expensive options.  Check room availability at the Inns by looking on this calendar.

Spring is beautiful for a Savannah Elopement
The Kehoe House in Spring with hydrangeas blooming in Columbia Square – photo by The Kehoe House

3.  Decide What to Wear

Savannah’s elegant oak trees, wrought iron steps and historic buildings make a gorgeous background for a classic wedding dress and suit.  But we do often see couples approaching the big day in less formal attire, and sometimes, just something different.  Be aware that Savannah’s summer months are quite warm with high humidity, so plan on light and breezy attire if your wedding date is in the June-September range.  Other than being cognizant of the weather, there are no rules in Savannah for wedding attire.  Our eloping brides sport everything from a dream-come-true white wedding gown, to tulle in dusty rose or shimmery gold, to a comfortable denim outfit.  Elopements are personal, so your Savannah wedding attire can be too!

A Gastonian wedding photo shoot at Forsyth Park. photo by Lone Pine Photography.

4. Choose Your Wedding Cake & Flowers

Our elopement packages all include a small cake, bouquet and boutonniere, and lots of options to make these wedding items very personal.   For your cake, there are flavor and icing style choices; and many couples bring a small topper or personal decoration to make the cake special.  Bouquets and boutonnieres are your choice of pink, yellow, red, white, orange, peach or dark pink roses, and while a simple rose bouquet is beautiful, floral enhancements are also available.Your bouquet is included in all B&B of Savannah Elopement Packages - photo by Lone Pine Photography

Your bouquet is included in all B&B of Savannah Elopement Packages – photo by Lone Pine Photography

5.  Think About Your Elopement Ceremony Style

Our Officiant has a simple, meaningful service at the ready for you, but is also open to performing the type of ceremony you’d love.  Here are some Ceremony Options.  If you prefer one, just let the inn know and we’ll arrange it with the Officiant.  About a quarter of our couples write their own wedding vows, or take a moment to read meaningful words to their love during the ceremonies. It’s all up to you!Savannah Elopement Ceremony Style

Ceremony on The Marshall House balcony – photo by Its Megan Jones Photography

6.  Get your Marriage License

You’ll need to get a marriage license here in Chatham County.  There’s no waiting period (other than sometimes waiting in line!) so it’s perfectly fine to go by the Chatham County Probate Court for your license on Thursday and then get married on Friday. In fact, it’s done all the time. Marriage licenses are issued between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. in the Probate Court of Chatham County, 133 Montgomery St., Room 509, Savannah, GA. 31401.  Be sure to read this information so you’ll know what you’ll need: Marriage License in Chatham County.

Savannah Elopement Ceremony
Wedding License at a Kehoe House Wedding – photo by The Kehoe House


Other Savannah Elopement Considerations:

1.  Photography:
There are about a dozen different Savannah photographers who we consider experienced at the properties.  We’ll be happy to recommend them.  In this post, images are from Leigh + Becca Photography (cover photo), Lone Pine Photography and It’s Megan Jones Photography.

2.  Bride’s Hair and Make-up:
We have a list of our favorite hair and make-up artists who will come to the inns. And a list of nearby salons.

3.  Horse & Carriage Ride:
The Kehoe House has a package that includes a horse-drawn carriage ride. If you select The Gastonian or The Marshall House for your wedding, this can be added on.

4.  Restaurant Reservations:
Your concierge (or the event coordinator at The Marshall House) can make dinner reservations for you from the city’s favorite, most romantic restaurants.


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