A Savannah Elopement Package that Includes Your Friends!

A Savannah Elopement Package that Includes Your Friends!

A Savannah Elopement Package can save you time, money and stress. It can also be incredibly fun, beautiful and romantic.  But some couples hesitate, concerned that friends and relatives might feel left out. The good news is that eloping doesn’t have to mean limiting the day to just the two of you.  It’s a celebration, and at The Marshall House, your friends and family are invited!

Here’s a look at how you can enjoy a Savannah Elopement Package with friends included at The Marshall House.

Our Savannah Elopement Package Includes up to 20 Guests

If you’d like your parents, siblings and a few close friends to be there on the special day, a semi-private Savannah “elopement” at The Marshall House really is perfect for you.  You can invite up to 20 guests to join you on the hotel’s iconic Verandah for your elopement wedding.    It’s unique, very Savannah and a lot of fun for small weddings!

Savannah Elopement Package at The Marshall House
Bridesmaids sneak a peek at the wedding couple through the window, which serves as a door to the verandah. photo: Leigh+Becca

Reserve Guest Rooms on the Balcony

Your wedding party and guests will be assigned to the six Broughton Balcony King rooms and one suite, The Mary Marshall. These rooms are truly among the best rooms in the house. Hardwood floors, tall ceilings, authentic historic doors and details make these rooms extra special.  But the best part is that only the key-holders to those seven balcony rooms are able to enter and exit the Verandah via the large windows that open from the guest rooms.  Each window has a top latch to hold the window up safely while you climb over the window ledge onto the Verandah.  It’s private, exclusive and very unique!

Savannah Elopement Wedding at The Marshall House
Your friends will love the historic Broughton Balcony King guest rooms.  photo: Leigh+Becca


Have Your Ceremony (or First Look) on The Verandah

The Marshall House’s 120-ft Verandah is a detailed replication of the original wrought iron balcony that was added to the hotel in 1857. It spans the entire front of the hotel overlooking Broughton Street. It’s an ideal place for your wedding ceremony, or a “first look” if you decide to say your vows in one of Savannah’s squares. Either way, this private porch with its wrought-iron tables and rockers is all yours for the duration of your stay.

Savannah Elopement Wedding at The Marshall House
Create memories with a First Look on the balcony of The Marshall House.   photo: Leigh+Becca


Want to learn more about having your wedding on the Verandah at The Marshall House?  Talk to our experienced event coordinator who is always happy to help you manage the details, or visit our website to book online.

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