How to Get the Best Deal at The Marshall House

How to Get the Best Deal at The Marshall House

Everybody likes a bargain.  Especially when it’s on something as fun as an over-night stay in historic Savannah.  Here are five tips for getting the best deal at The Marshall House for your next visit.

1.  Book Direct for the Best Deal at The Marshall House

The best rates are always on our own website.  We guarantee it.   In fact, we’ll even show you how our rates compare to 3rd party reservation sites for the dates you wish to stay.  Just start here for the best room selection, the best packaged deals, and the lowest rates.  It is honestly our very best tip for how to find The Marshall House’s best deal.

Side-tip:  Make sure you’re truly on The Marshall House’s official website.  There are reservation sites out there that masquerade as the hotel so they can get a booking fee out of unsuspecting travelers.  If you’re in doubt, give us a call at 912-644-7896.  We hate it when guests think they’re booking direct, but they’re actually speaking with a reservation agent unaffiliated with the hotel! 

2. Visit During Savannah’s Slow Season

Look for stay dates in August-September and November-February.  Everyone loves Savannah in the Spring, and during the cool days of Fall.  If you’re the type of traveler who can appreciate beautiful Savannah no matter what the season, you’ll save a lot by avoiding the busiest months here.  (Side bonus:  The line for Leopold’s Ice Cream is shorter in September too!)

3. Shop our Specials Page

You’ll find the lowest rates and packages on our website’s specials page.  From pre-pay discounts to special event and holiday rates, we’ll always put the best special on our own site and on this page.  Check it out for a very good deal.

4. Stay Mid-Week

Because weekends are so popular for Savannah getaways, rates are almost always lower Sunday-Thursday.  If you’re not tied to travel on Friday and Saturdays, you’ll save a bundle and you’ll find the city to be less busy too.  Search rates for a Sunday arrival for the very best chance of a great rate.

5. Check our Website for Last-Minute Deals

We don’t recommend waiting until the last minute for all of your travel dates (especially weekends or any time the azaleas are blooming!), but if you’re flexible and can travel at the drop of a hat, we highly recommend searching for same-day reservations.  You may find a great room on sale!

Book your stay direct at The Marshall House for the best rates possible.  We look forward to seeing you!